Monday, November 21, 2011

Prefold to Fitted

I have been toying around with the idea of taking a few of my prefolds and making them into fitted diapers.  Our church nursery has said that they don't mind changing cloth diapers as long as they are either all in ones or fitted and easy to put on.  I have been purchasing disposies for church/nursery purposes to just make things easier. 
All in ones are too expensive and I really like the system that I use for cloth diapers.  I was in my local cloth diaper store two weeks ago exchanging some of my newborn prefolds and I saw that they had some fitted diapers but only in newborn.  I asked if they carried any of the fitteds in large and was informed that they don't.  It got me thinking after looking at the fitted that I could probably make them myself. 
I spent some time researching a few methods and decided on one of them today.  If you are interested in converting some of your prefolds into fitteds here is the best method I found.
I will admit there were a few times I was rather frustrated because my machine was having troubles getting through all the layers but I did complete one (I have seven more I want to make). 
Sorry that it is sideways, my computer is having troubles!  Anyway, as you can see I just took one of my regular diapers (2x4x2) and it is a used one.  I just put Riah in it before he laid down for nap time and it seems to fit him well. 
One down, seven more to make!