Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Wish List 2011

So for the last two years I have written a Christmas Wish List and every year I seem to get everything on it.  Here is another year of trying - I may be tempting fate but it is well worth the try, right?
The top of the list is of course a camera... I am currently down to just one camera.  The one that my parents bought me the Christmas after I got married finally went to electronic heaven.  I guess five years in electronic life is a lot!
Next would be a laptop... again the laptop that my parents bought for me the Christmas after I got married has become a glorified desktop computer.  It cannot be unplugged, if it gets unplugged I get the black screen of death. 
Another thing would be the iPod nano.  I mean seriously can it be any cuter?  However my lovely husband has been throwing around the idea of letting me get an iPhone and if that is the case then I don't need this.  The thing that is holding him up I think is the whole data plan business - kind of freaking him out!
Gheesh... I have some big ticket items on my wish list.  Guess I am just going to have to sit back and wish away.
Here are a few pictures of Zeke and Ki with the infamous Christmas catalogs that come in the mail.  Couldn't help but snap a few...