Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friends Blogs

Okay I know that most of the people that read my blog are family and close friends that want to know the scoop on the Kulow family - so if this is not something you are interested in then skip...
I personally don't have much time to sit down and read a book or let alone a magazine, that is just life!  I do however have a fun iPad app called Flipboard and I have linked up with google reader on it and in the evenings I can be found laying in my bed with my iPad on my lap catching up on my friends blogs.  There are a few that I would love to highlight if you are interested and too looking for quick reads.
One is a MOPS friend named Katie, she is hilarious - she is a stay at home mom of two little ones that are the same ages as my two olders and she has discovered the fun world of running.  Now for me I have always said that the only time I will run is if I am being chased and even then I would have to stop and think about if it was really worth it.  I will say that after reading her blog I feel inspired to try trotting.  Her blog can be found by following this link
Another blog that I have recently been reading is another MOPS friend named Melissa, she is the Christian Martha Stewart.  Okay maybe I am overstating, but she does a lot of really cute crafts, meals and fun stuff around her house with her family.  I had to "yell" at her for getting inspired to want to "cutsie up" my house this past week.  Her blog can be found by following this link
Another blog that I enjoy reading is from a San Diego friend... She too is a Christian Martha Stewart.  She has a lot of cute ideas that she does around her house and I always love how she follows everything up with the simplicity of everyday life.  Her blog can be found by following this link.
Another blog that I have on my reader is from a friends from San Diego.  I think I enjoy this one the most from the aspect that I knew Sara when we were in junior high school and I still see her junior high face instead of her grown up face.  It is hard for me to think of Sara as anything other than the fifth grade girl who never brushed her hair, always had a San Diego Padres shirt on and always knew the stats of her beloved baseball team.  Moving along, this blog is a great tool for Saving Money and Living Joyfully...
Well I hope that you enjoy some of these blogs as much as I do!