Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well Thursday went from a good day to a horrible day.  Thursdays are always fun in little world because I either have bible study or MOPS and this week it was MOPS.  I always love MOPS - I love the group of ladies and look forward to it.  I left MOPS and came home got the boys down for a nap and took a shower and then I got out of the shower and as I was brushing my hair it was hurting - you know you're in bad shape when your hair hurts.  I decided to lay down for a little bit and while laying down everything was all out of proportions - like the room was spinning and I felt really small.  I knew I was not going to hold it together.  I got up and tried to trick myself out of feeling crummy but it was all in vein. 
By the time Michael got home I fell apart.  I had to call my dear friend Stacey and tell her I was going to be a no show for our meeting that night and then I curled up on the couch and fell asleep (mind you it was five thirty).  I went up to my bed around eight and slept until midnight and then tossed and turned with everything spinning and my body ached. 
I woke up early Friday morning and couldn't even open my mouth my tongue was swollen and my throat was so swollen.  In the three years we have lived here I have only gone to the doctor for baby related stuff and I knew I needed to go to the doctor.  Michael called in and said he had to stay home and help me.  He drove me to the doctor and five minutes later I was declared strep throat infected and was given antibiotics and steroids. 
I spent all day Friday sleeping - literally!  I slept through the night and woke up this morning feeling a little more human.  Thank God for antibiotics!  Sakes I was feeling like I might die and today I feel soooo much better.
So not only did I have to bail on my Thursday meeting but I also had to back out of the craft fair today.  I was super bummed however my neighbor came over yesterday and picked everything up and sold my stuff for me.  And, unfortunately for her that was all she sold - just my stuff.  She got there at eight thirty in the morning and sold $45 of my stuff and nothing of hers.  My take away was $20 after I paid my portion of the table and taxes.  It is something but I feel more bad for my neighbor than anything. 
Well now I better get back to life.  Thankfully I have the best husband in the world and not only did he take off yesterday but he did it with a smile.  He made me cups of tea and brought them to me.  Even this morning he swept and mopped the floors.  I have a cute sight to share... I was getting myself a cup of tea this morning and while standing in the kitchen I watched Michael pick up Riah and hold him on his side while mopping... it was such a cute picture and I would have snapped one but I was too busy taking it in myself.  Like I said - best husband ever!