Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Ramblings

Okay, I am going to warn you... there is no flow to the items that are going to be written here.  There have been so many things that have been bouncing around my head that I have been meaning to write down for your enjoyment, although most of them are one and two sentence things and it would be pure silliness for me to do a post designated to each rambling... so this will be a jumble of things.
Yeah, after two and a half weeks of being without my car I got it back last night!  I will say that although the rental was nice and had a little more power than mine, not having the side boards was a pain in the butt with Zeke and Ki.
Last night I got in the mail a flier for a local dealership asking me to bring in my 2008 Acadia and get a 2012 for the same monthly price... That is a joke and a half!  After an hour of hanging out at the dealership this afternoon they quoted me for the same exact model that we have with everything that mine has in a 2012 a monthly payment of $800... let me just say, we are not paying that a month now and there is no way I would trade in for that hefty monthly payment!
Yesterday, the boys and I had to run a few errands and one of them happened to be Safeway.  A little side note to this... I spent $9.32 and saved $13.49 - not bad eh?  So anyway, back to our Safeway trip - We were in the produce aisle and Zeke asked me if we could buy his favorite apples.  I told him that if he could find them we could.  My little man, marched up to the produce stoker and asked him, "Where are my favorite apples?"  The man looked at me and asked me what are his favorite apples?  I told him and he showed Zeke to them.  On so many levels my heart was soaring... I know that sounds silly but it is sooooo true!  Zeke went to the current person to ask.  He spoke clearly enough for the person to understand.  And he was a big boy about the entire situation! 
Onto another story... Ki has been doing so well talking.  Last week when I picked up Ki from preschool his teacher said that he used three, three word sentences on his own for her.  That is huge.  Up until that point he had not said anything on his own, what I mean is that he would speak but only after the teacher asked him to repeat.  He is doing so great on his speech.  Today we were driving around and I let him bring his computer in the car and it says a word that belongs to a letter on the key pad - so he was pushing the letter "K" and it was saying "K is for Kangaroo", Ki was repeating kangaroo.  He was saying it so clear it was neat.  Another time, yesterday, we were driving in the car and Zeke was talking to me and I told him that I was not understanding what he was saying and Ki said, "Ezekiel what you mean?"  It was as clear as a bell! 
I am so proud of both of my boys and the strides that they have been making in language!  I never realize how far behind they are until I hear kids their ages or younger talking and I understand them, however I am seeing such huge improvement it is hard not to grin on the inside!
Riah bug is getting so big!  In the last few days he has learned how to go down the stairs and thinks that he is the big cheese!  He has mastered the going up but with the new knowledge of going down too has made him even more independent!  Two nights ago we got out the walker for him and he was not too hip on the idea but yesterday and today he has been cruising behind it.  I am thinking that we may have a walker by the middle of December!  I will keep you posted on that.
Tonight Michael and I are going on our second date in the last year!  Our last date was when a friend of ours watched Zeke and Ki for us while I was in the hospital so that Michael and I could spend some time together and talk about what had been going on.  So tonight is our first date in a long time - well over due!  Our friend Emily is going to watch the three boys tonight.  It will be the first time that Riah has been watched by anyone other than Michael and I.  I am nervous for her - Riah is known for his crying.  She came over last night and I explained to her that between seven and seven thirty she can just put him in his crib, close the door and be done with him.  I think I might have scared her, but my thought is - if his diaper is clean and she tried to feed him his night time bottle and wouldn't take it then being in his crib is the safest place for him and for her and the older two! 
Tomorrow is mine and Michael's five year anniversary - hence date night tonight!  I can't believe that we have been married for five years.  There are times that it feels like forever and other times like no time at all.  I will say though that it has been a rocky road but the last two years have been really good!  I love that Kulow more than any thing!
Well, I think that about covers all of my random ramblings!  I have things to get ready for tonight.  I have dinner in the crock pot but have the sides still to make plus get myself dressed.  I told Zeke that mommy and daddy are going on a date tonight and the first thing out of Zeke's mouth was, "Well mom you better do your hair pretty and wear a dress."  So I better get on the ball, because my hair is a grease ball and I don't think my jeans and t-shirt will do!