Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nap Time Craftings

I have been busy during nap time crafting away.  
So far I have made:
One lap quilt
One purse
Nine key fob/chains
Ten paci leashes
Twenty one fax seed owie packs
Twenty one hair things... headbands and clips
Twelve burp rags
And Six sassy string scarves.
Here are a few pictures of my creations minus the scarves (forgot about them...)

I am thinking that the price for these range from $3 to $1

I think $3 is a fair price?


I am thinking of doing a single price for one and then a discounted price for two or more... $3 for one or 2 for $5...

I think $15 or $20 is fair?...

I am thinking of doing the same thing with these are the burp rags... $3 for one or $5 for two

$20 -$25...
I was telling a friend today that although it would be nice to get some money out of these things that I have been crafting, for me I am simply getting pleasure out of spending some time by myself creating.  I have enjoyed looking through sites and such and finding stuff that I think looks neat and then sitting down and making it.  There is something to be said about that!  My friend reminded me that this is way cheaper than a weekly visit to a psychologist... amen!  There is definitely some personal therapy that comes from some along time at my desk with my sewing machine!
So looking at what I have and the prices that I have "tentatively" put under each of the items - do you think those are fair prices?  Like I said I am not trying to make bank here, just trying to clean out my closet of some of my creations.  Let me know, please!  I am going to talk to my neighbor to see if in fact she signed us up for the craft fair on the 19th and if she didn't then well I have been invited to a friend's house where she is having a little Christmas selling gathering on December 4th...  So maybe I will get some of this out of my house and make a little cash at the same time?!?!