Monday, November 14, 2011

For every black there is a brown

Okay, maybe it is just me but a week or so ago I started looking through my shoes when I was sorting for Soles for Souls and I realized how sick me shoe purchasing habits are. 
Number one sick shoe purchasing habit:  Since I have been married (fiver years on the 12th of November) I have not purchased any shoes - well that is not entirely true, I have purchased two pairs of running shoes that I don't run in but walk in! :-)  See there is some color there... well sort of!

Number two sick shoe purchasing habit:  For every black pair of shoes there is a brown pair of shoes. 
See what I mean:

Is there something wrong with me?  I mean seriously I lined up all my shoes and for every black there was a brown pair.  Granted the browns range from tan to chocolate but there they are.  Now I do have a confession... those two pairs of clogs right above here are new.  I have been eying new pairs of shoes since I have worn holes in some and I found these Land's End clogs 45% off and so I bought two... spent $75 on two pairs of clogs rather than one pair of Danskos which everyone says are wonderful - I just have a hard time swallowing $145 for a pair of shoes.