Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well, five years ago on Saturday Michael and I celebrated our anniversary.  On Friday night Michael made reservations at a restaurant in downtown Denver called tag.  It was neat to get out, get dressed up and spend some time just the two of us.  I got the boys fed dinner and then our friend Emily came over to watch all three boys.  It was the first time that Riah had ever been babysat and I will admit I was a little nervous leaving him - not for his sake but for her sake!  We drove down to the restaurant and got valet parking.  We arrived a little before our reservations so we walked down the street and pretended to be young people without a care in the world (I mean forgetting that we have three little ones at home).  It was fun!  We made our way back to the restaurant and checked in.  The hostess asked if we would mind eating at the chef's counter?  I looked at Michael, knowing what his answer was going to be and smiled and said of course!  It was such a fun night.  It was neat to be sitting right there at the counter where food is being plated to be served.  It was neat to have the chefs right there talking to us, showing us the plates and letting us sample various things.  It was a show in itself.  I will say that making my food choices was really hard - one because the food all sounded amazing but two because I was wanting to see all the food before I made my choice.  We had some of the best foods I have ever had.  For sure that date night will go down in the books at the top of the list!  So if you are looking for a fun night out I highly suggest it!