Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One of them days

You know those days that you have to remind yourself of how much you love your children by chanting it in a mantra?  Yep, "I love my children, I love my children, I love my children."  Today was one of those days! 
If I make it through Riah's teething and Ki's refusal to use the toilet for number two than it is only by the grace of God.  UGH!  Riah has four teeth sprouting and he has been a mess, he does not want to eat because his gums hurt and he just wants to be held.  To top it off my new shoulder cream is snot of Riah - yuck, I know but it is true.  Then there is my lovely little man Ki.... Grrrr!  This kid is frustrating the heck out of me. 
We began potty training the end of July I believe and he is about 80% toilet trained for number one and about 5% toilet trained for number two.  I tried to train him the same way I did Zeke, that was an utter failure.  I tried letting him take charge and that worked for a while but then went to the way side.  I have tried yelling and screaming, that works for a good shock value but that is about it.  I have tried be soft and gentle and understanding.  Needless to say I have tried everything.  Today I hit my limit!  I was sending him to the bathroom every five minutes around the time that he normally goes number two.  And in between one of them I see him in the backyard standing very still filling his pants... let me just say the devil mom came out!  Sakes alive child! 
Michael gets home as I am cleaning up the mess and asks how my day was.  I had nothing else to say than, "Your son just *&^&% in his pants, how do you think my day was?"  Then Michael proceeds to tell me that it is unacceptable that he is doing that and what I am doing to change it.  OOOOOOHHHHH, if I had my magical wand I would wave it over him and we would be done with it.  I have tried everything.  Yes, I know that he will not go to kindergarten not being potty trained but I am not sure I will last much longer, or for that matter I know Michael will not last that much longer and Ki's bottom will need some good cushions because it is getting red from spankings.
Here it is 7:30 and Riah is in bed and Zeke and Ki are watching a movie so that I can have some down time since Michael is at school tonight... I am wishing for an early bedtime, I am thinking when the movie is done I am saying it is night time!  I can do it, I can make it another forty minutes!