Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkins Please

Last night the boys and I dug into their pumpkins.  It was kind of funny the difference between the two boys... Zeke was digging in with both hands up to his elbows, Ki on the other hand was picking out the seeds that could easily be grabbed from the top with his two pinching fingers.  Here are a few pictures from our pumpkin night. 
That is Zeke saying "Pumpkin"

The dainty seed getter

The all in seed getter

The seed separation, Ki did a lot of directing while Zeke did a lot of goop playing.

My first attempt at ever carving a pumpkin... Not too bad if I say so myself.
A little side note:  With all the seeds that we got I cooked them up with this recipe that I found off of pinterest.  I did everything that it said but added a little allspice to it too.  Everyone really enjoyed the snack!