Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bra Hunting

(I know Michael is going to scold me for posting such a topic, but us ladies can all understand the dilemma that comes from the following...)
Today I dropped off Zeke at preschool and had this feeling that I just needed to do something for myself.  Although yes a massage would be nice or even a long hot shower with no one disturbing me would be grand - I did still have Ki with me.  So I thought about it for a little bit and then decided that I would head to the mall because I had a gift card with $12 remaining on it from Christmas - I thought that maybe I would find something nice for myself (yeah, I know $12 at Macy's was not going to buy me something in it's entirety but Michael gave me $20 this weekend.)  Being a mom first, I stopped in the boys isle and found a few shirts that I thought were cute and even considered buying the shirts for the boys and calling it good.  Instead I stopped and stood in the store and made the conscience effort to find something for myself.  I walked to the pajama isle and looked around, I looked and I looked - I couldn't justify paying $25 for another pair of pajama bottoms.  Then of course a few sections over was the bra isles.  Let me honestly say that I was lost.  I sat there fingering all the soft and silky materials thinking, "Where do I even begin, the last time I wore a bra for myself was before I had babies, which basically meant that I was wearing nothing really even then with not much God given!"  I think the sales lady saw my puzzlement and came and started pulling bras off the racks and helped me out.  After trying on twelve bras at Macy's I left with tears in my eyes.  This one was itchy, this one was too small, this one was too big, this one bunched all the wrong spots, this one gathered in the front... the list of complaints was twelve long.  Feeling slightly depressed and just bummed I decided that maybe if I went to Victoria Secret I might find something there, yes I know I didn't have a gift card for there, I just thought maybe with all the fun and cute bras that they have I am sure to find something!  I walked in and pronounced to the sales girl that I was a bra buying virgin and I have no idea where to begin.  She started by measuring me and then handed me a box of seven bras that were my size.  Out of those seven I actually found one that I liked - it fit me made me feel cute!  My shopping adventure was looking up - until... I asked if they had it in another color other then white.  She searched the entire store and came back with a sad look and informed me that they only have white in my size - are you kidding me?  I guess being that I have such a wide chest and small "assets" the two are a hard match - so white was all she had.  The feeling of depression set in and I tried to hold back my tears and thanked her for her time and left, no bra, just my sad self - oh yeah and a crying Ki.  Why does the search for a bra have to be such a hard one?  I think that wearing tanks with the shelf bras might just be my under garment for the rest of my life!