Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Sludge

In hopes of the green sludge going away from my boys noses we are not doing pre-school today.  Zeke woke up with very little pouring from his nose so I will admit the temptation to take him to school was great, but my thought is that maybe between today and tomorrow we will rid it completely.  At least that is my hope!  Maybe I keep bringing him back to school when his immunities are not totally built back up from the last Thursdays crud.  It is worth a try, this stuff is just about going to be my breaking point. 
Sunday I was talking with Michael and was saying that I can't wait until it gets warm enough where I can open windows and get fresh air circulating through the house.  I think that will help!  So basically one good snow storm will be welcomed and then lets get on with Spring.  I need some fresh air and I need it to be warm enough to send the boys in the backyard to play.