Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Sakes

To say that last night was rough is an understatement!  After the "me art" incident I got dinner made, the boys and I ate dinner and it was nice.  After dinner I was cleaning up and Zeke comes into the kitchen coughing, coughing, coughing and then wha-la... throw up all over my floor, not once but twice.  I get that cleaned up and then Ki starts in on a meltdown!  Michael gets home takes his shower and then we all try to have some quiet time and relax on the couches.  Ki wants nothing to do with that.  So I take him upstairs to go to bed... an hour later, after much screaming he falls asleep... for like twenty minutes.  Pretty much the whole night was full of little cat naps interrupted by crying!  At midnight I wake up to Zeke crawling in bed with me and hacking up his lung, practically!  After getting him to calm down and drink some water I get him back in his bed.  Only to have Michael come up to bed and continue with the hacking and coughing.  Sakes alive!  I think my boys have it out for me, I have been able to ward off the crud for myself pretty much but all the coughing, snot and throw up may just break down my defenses! So with all that said, I woke up this morning confident that if I don't get a little time to myself in the near future I might break down and need to be sent to the loony bin!  A person can only endure so much coughing, so much crud and so little sleep for so long and then... snap, she be crazy!  So if you see me and my hair is a mess (much like it is now) and my eyes are twitching and I am speaking gibberish, you will know why - the loony bin would not take me and nurses Zeke and Ki are slipping me crazy doses!