Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommy's Heart Update

Just thought I would write a little update... The day that I wrote up my first entry about Zeke's speech I made a call to his pediatrician, which was last Thursday.  On Monday I got a call from his pediatrician saying that he put in the referral for Zeke to see the speech therapist.  Normally Zeke would have to be seen by him first and then at that point he would refer us out, but he said that he had noticed a little trouble with Zeke's language at Ki's last appointment and now that I am aware of it and that his school has also made notice of it he just wrote up the referral.  So now we are waiting for a call from the speech therapist to set up an appointment.  Zeke's pediatrician said that it would take three to four days before I hear from them about setting up an appointment (today is day four).  So I am patiently waiting to hear back and until then trying to be very patient with Zeke and the time it takes him to say stuff.  Granted not every time he opens his mouth is it a long and drawn out process, but there are sometimes that he starts in on a sentence and after the first few words have finally made it out I have already lost track of what it was that he was saying and I tend to tune out - not a good thing because then I have to try and figure it all out again and that is another few painful minutes!  So my hope is that I hear from the speech therapist today to schedule an appointment and hopefully I don't have to wait weeks before we can actually get it to be seen!