Friday, March 5, 2010


This week I got the boys down for their naps and then I sat down on the couch to vedge.  I decided to flip through the channels and I landed on Dr. Oz - I had never before watched this show before.  The topic was hysterectomy - yes or no, when or when not.  I watched it and I just wanted to laugh at some of the women's comments. 
One lady that had a hysterectomy years prior said that she suffered from depression after having her uterus removed, she said that she mourned for her organ.  Another lady said that she would never have a hysterectomy because she just can't imagine parting with any part of her - although I did think it was funny that she had really short hair... isn't that a part of her? 
Within the last three weeks I can tell you that I know why women say, "Yank that sucker out!"  If I am done with it's services... baking my babies - then why in the world would I want to keep it?  Needless to say at this present time I am thinking yank that sucker out... if we are done having babies then I am done housing this thing in me that only gives me trouble!