Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sleep, ha!

So after I wrote my post last night my little man Ki decided to wake up at 9pm and was up until 12am - I guess the first was just a nap.  Geesh!  It wasn't too horrible since I was awake and it is always hard for me to sleep very well when Michael is not at home at night.  Ki and I snuggled on the couch and I caught myself back up on Parenthood and Survivor compliments of On Demand. 
This morning at 6am both boys woke up with what seemed to be just bad dreams because once Ki and I went in to Zeke's room and snuggled, everyone fell back to sleep.  Well, that is everyone except me.  For whatever reason my head has been running a mile a minute with not a lot of stuff but it just seems to never shut off.  I have sat and prayed, counted sheep, and then spent some time just pure thinking - all I come up with is this overwhelming sense that there is something coming, just not sure what. 
Off today for MOPS and preschool, gotta get myself dressed and get my boys ready too.  Have a great day!