Monday, March 22, 2010


I absolutely love having productive days.  I love the feeling that when the day is over I can actually rest and know that I got a lot accomplished in the day.  Today I got my house cleaned... I have not done a good clean in about two weeks so today I scrubbed floors, bathrooms and dusted everything.  I got all the laundry washed, folded and put away - the putting away is always a hard one for me!  I got appointments made for the boys year check ups.  I also got to talk with the speech pathologist at Kaiser and got Zeke's appointment scheduled - it is a ways off unfortunately but it is made and it felt good to talk to someone that will be with us on the road to learning.  I made a yummy dinner and everything is already cleaned up from that.  The boys are both bathed and now are just playing in the living room.  Ahhh - lots of things checked off my list and it feels oh so good!
Another thing that happened today is that 9 news here in Denver will be interviewing a fellow Mothers and More member about the Power of a Purse campaign that I have been working on.  That is a huge thing - that I have been working on and to get the interview space and time has been something that I have been coordinating for the last two months.  On the Power of a Purse train of thought - one of the other chapters that we have partnered with got Aveda Salon to donate hair product to fill 96 purses as well as they have offered to send 10 stylists to the Haven House to do hair cuts for the ladies on April 25th.  I also today got a call from my local Target saying that they will donate a gift card to our campaign that I will pick up tomorrow!  It seems like all the planning and coordinating that we all have been doing for the last four months is really starting to pay off!