Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today was Denver Momporium... when moms get together things happen.  Let me just say this was so much fun, it was a bunch of booths of moms that have businesses.  It was okay for me but Zeke was in heaven.  The day started at 10am... had to be there early to get my free bag!  Zeke got a cup of apple cider the minute we walked in and just scored snacks at just about every booth.  Zeke got to decorate a cookie and then eat it.  Zeke made slime at the Mad Science table.  He got his face painted with a little Elmo.  Zeke got to make a door knob hanger and got a cute pair of bug ears.  We left for lunch and then had to come back for another dose of fun!  Zeke got to climb around on a firetruck and then got a cute little balloon hat made for him!  Basically - four hours of pure fun for my little man Zeke... and you know what Ki did?  Slept!