Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts from today...

Malachi is going to eat us out of our home!  I always thought that Zeke was a big eater... now I see that she does not really hold a light to his brother.  I am not sure how we are going to afford these two boys grocery bill come a few years from now, let alone high school years.
Naps... I know that naps are often more for myself then for my boys, with that being said - I love naps!  Zeke today fought taking a nap, and after thirty five minutes of battling with him I just gave up.  Ki on the other hand took a three hour nap.  I am not sure how much more of a nap he would have taken, at three hours I went and woke him up.  I will say though that Ki only took that one nap today - I really think he is trying to dump the morning nap but it never seems to work out well for him, we are usually in the car around that time due to dropping off Zeke at preschool and I think it is just habit to fall asleep.  I am hoping though that this one big nap today will really help him!  Maybe we will have a happy Ki all evening?!?!  One can wish, right?
Okay, this is going to be slightly gross but - I had not showered since Friday night and it is amazing how grouchy I get from not taking a nap.  I have known that a shower can make me feel better but in the daily grind of motherhood it just takes too much time to get a shower done.  Usually if I get my boys down for naps I spend that time cleaning, preparing dinner, or catching up on emails.  Today even though Zeke did not nap, I stuck him in front of Tom and Jerry and jumped in the shower - I washed my hair, shaved my legs and then just enjoyed the hot water running down my sore back!  I was even able to get out of the shower and do my hair... kind of pushed to do that since I have a Mothers & More meeting tonight, but ahhh, I feel human again and my grouchiness is gone!
Today while at Target getting a few things I found a pair of leggings - aka stretch pants from the 80's.  I have been so resistant to buying a pair, because it reminds me of the 80's - next thing I figured would be body suites and scrunchy socks.  The leggings were $6 and I figured if anything they would be another layer to keep me warm under my jeans if I really didn't feel like I could pull them off.  Let me say, "Why did I not buy these sooner?"  They are so comfortable, I don't look huge like I was afraid and some of my dresses that I have not worn in a while because I felt like they were a little short for a dress look really cute with them.  For my Mothers & More meeting tonight I am wearing a cute white linen long dress shirt a purple long length tank and the new pair of black leggings - if I don't say so myself, I think my outfit is cute - I will have to wait until Michael gets home to see what he says or for that matter doesn't say to really know, but if anything I am comfortable!
The last few times I have made my chocolate chip cookies they just have not turned out quiet what they did the first few times... so today I decided that instead of measuring the flour and sugar by cups like I normally do I would measure it by grams.  I have been told that measuring by grams is the most exact way... so we shall see.  The dough is cooling in the fridge and I will start baking in a few minutes so that I can take some with me to the meeting and leave some with my wonderful hubby while he watches both the boys tonight for me!  A little incentive to babysit! : )