Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have been having really weird dreams lately... my dreams have been that I am searching for my husband.  I know in my dreams that I am married and married to Michael but I am constantly searching for him.  Example you might ask... my last dream was that we were in San Diego on vacation and I was going all over the place trying to find him and I eventually found him at the Wild Animal Park in the lorakeet landing. 
I didn't think much of these dreams but I was waking up from these dreams aware that I was searching for him and just kept it to myself.  Now the last few nights, four to be exact I have not had these dreams... the reasoning - Michael has been coming to bed.  Some might not think that is a strange statement, but Michael often sleeps on the couch - no there is not trouble!  Michael often falls asleep in front of the television and says that for him to wake up enough to come to bed is to wake up too much and then is not able to fall back to sleep.  However Michael has been making an effort to sleep in our bed and I have been sleeping so much better.  Silly maybe but a relieve to me... I was thinking that maybe something was going to happen to him - yeah I know dreams don't hold much weight but obviously they do!