Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Just Sayn'

To all those single moms out there - you rock!  I know that most of you did not choose to be single moms and I am sure that there are days that you would give just about anything to have a partner - but you have dealt with the hand that has been given to you and some of you are doing it with a stellar attitude!
Michael was gone for 36 hours - well sure he came home and slept last night from 1:30am to 7am but we never even got to see him.  I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that Michael is now home!  My boys need their daddy - they need to have their wrestle time with daddy, mommy just does not do it right, I suppose! 
Today, Ki took another digger and it stresses me out.  Zeke was a big helper yesterday and today but by bath time he was done with being with just me - he needed daddy time and therefore started melting down.  Back to Ki's digger... the boys and I were playing in the backyard Zeke decided that he was going to drop his pants and "water" our backyard so I jumped to get him and ran him into the bathroom.  As I dropped Zeke in the bathroom I heard a scream from the backyard.  I ran out there to find Ki laying on his back in the rocks, picked him up immediately and began the full body look over.  The search stopped at the back of his head where dime sized egg was already forming.  A quick phone call to my dad, ice pack and some crying - we were fine!