Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And yet again... Never Dull!

 Again the title fits this post to the “T”.  I had previously mentioned that I would be going in to the doctor for my 28 week check up.  I had a list of things that have been presenting themselves as a slight concern to me and was sure that after my appointment I would have some answers or at least peace of mind.  Peace of mind was not what I walked away from my appointment with…
I checked into my appointment on time and did the regular routine stuff, urine collection, weight and then blood pressure – and that was when things started to turn!  My blood pressure was a little high (143/92 – nothing I haven’t surpassed before!) and I started to explain some of my medical concerns, headache, swelling of hands, feet and face and the continuous Braxton hicks.  I was escorted to an examination room and told to lie on my left side and that the doctor would be with me shortly.  My doctor entered the room and she began questioning me further on some of my concerns, which led to another BP check, and then I was taking to the fetal monitoring room.  I was hooked up to fetal monitors and then informed that I was going to be admitted to the hospital.  WHAT?  I just was coming in for my regular appointment; I can’t be admitted into the hospital. 
After some talking through what was going on in her head she informed me that there was trace amounts of protein in my urine and she was concerned for mine and the baby’s well being and wanting to have me admitted for 24 hours fetal watch.  She explained that delivery could be a matter of days away but would like to hold off until 32 weeks if possible.  My doctor told me to go home get a bag packed and then head to the hospital where I would be given a steroid shot for the development of baby’s lungs for early delivery.
As you can imagine at this point my head is spinning and I am sure my blood pressure was sky high!  I made a call to Michael, who was at home with Ki waiting for the plumbers to return to our house and finish our lovely sewer issues.  Michael being the kind of person he is – said, “You are just trying to get out of being pregnant… we can’t have this baby at least until January!”  That would be the logical thinking – no duh!  So I went home - made a few calls, packed my bag and then we went and picked up Zeke from preschool. 
At noon I was admitted into the hospital.  Was told that I needed to gown up and everything would begin.  Being that the crud has been in our house Michael and I decided that it would be best for him to take the boys home and get then fed and napped and I would just update him as I got updates.  I was hooked up to fetal monitors – to which little boy’s heart sounds great!  I had blood drawn.  I was hooked up to the blood pressure machine to take my BP every thirty minutes.  I was told that urine would be kept and monitored for protein… anything more that +2 would indicate immediate delivery. 
At two I was taken to the perinatal department for consultation.  The team of doctors gave me an ultrasound, watched as I had a few contractions and then continued on with more testing.  After forty five minutes of being in limbo as to whether little number three was going to be delivered within the next few days… peace came!  The high risk doctor and team assured me that baby looks fine, his heart rate, development, and my internal body can sustain a few more weeks.  Phew… to the biggest danger of meeting number three in the coming week!  So our little peanut weighing in at 2 pounds 13 ounces will get to stay warm and cozy and continue his baking weeks hopefully!
Now here I sit waiting for my blood tests and a call from my doctor to see if by chance I might be able to go home tonight and just continue the urine collection on my own at home with a return tomorrow afternoon to drop off the sample, blood pressure check, another steroid shot and fetal monitoring…. While I was typing my doctor came into my room and informed me that I can go home tonight!  Yeah – although with sick little ones I know sleep will be less than optimum however being home will allow some good sleep – period. 
So the plan is weekly appointments with my doctor to check my blood pressure and baby through fetal monitoring and ultrasound.  If at any point my labs or BP are too elevated (above 150/95) delivery will become emanate.  My doctor’s orders are to take it easy and spend a lot of time just relaxing (I guess that goes back to my post about slowing down).