Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Day

Thankfully today was a great day! I got to visit with my boys for a long time today. The boys were not able to come and visit me yesterday as they were headed here for a visit Michael noticed that Zeke was looking a little pale and was not quite himself. Honestly we were thinking that it was a little bug, now today we are thinking that it was the stress of life finally catching up with him. A day of snuggling on the couch made things all better.
The boys got here at eleven and we played in my room for a while, watched a movie and then headed to the cafeteria for my one wheel chair ride a day. After lunch we came back to my room and Michael anticipated a quick fall asleep for Ki which turned into a screaming fight. Thankfully some friends showed up and the pace changed for Ki and he fell asleep right away while Zeke played with our visitors. Our friends left around three and then the boys and I napped in my bed and Michael played with my iPad. A good nap was had by me as I snuggled with Zeke and Ki.
Ah, truly a great day!