Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Staying at the Hotel Swedish

Guest post by Michael Kulow

Andrea is having tech/computer issues at Swedish Hospital and is not able to log in to post updates on the blog - and boy does she have some (news and updates that is).

Doctor this morning is going to recommend that Andrea stay in the hospital until delivery.  That's right - an all inclusive stay at the luxurious Swedish.  Got the room upgrade this morning and is having the tech crew come up to see about better internet service.  Room service for every meal, and the mono TV package rounds out this prize.

Since Andrea has been scaling the BP octaves like a Verdi opera and protein levels are not leveling, but rising; the powers that be are thinking a stay at the hospital is a good move.  That February birthday is looking like a long shot and a January baby isn't inspiring the odds makers in Vegas.

We will try and have more news posted as it becomes available.