Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thought from the Chaos

Now that things have calmed down a little I thought I would share some of my crazy thoughts from the chaos of yesterday!
I was so glad that I took a shower... not only a shower but I took the time to shave and groom!
Crap - we better come up with a name for #3 soon.
I guess I better get all the baby clothes washed and ready sooner than I thought.
Maybe this year we skip Christmas... having to drag everything out just is not sounding so fun.
I guess there is a bigger reason for us not going to San Diego for Christmas - sure am glad that we didn't purchase tickets already!
I am feeling more and more confident about our choice to be done having babies... my body is just not able to do it any more.

Some more questions that I had were answered today too:
There is nothing I can do to change the protein in my urine... Michael thought that maybe if I cut protein out of my diet that might help - no such luck.
Delivering early does not mean that I have to have a C-section.  It is all situational... there is a good chance that I will still be able to deliver regularly.