Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Ramblings

There has been a lot on my mind lately and I have not taken the time to sit down and process it all... being that the crud has once again caught our house I spent yesterday thinking and again this morning.  Not everything will flow, so excuse me for that... this is more a means of me processing everything "out loud".
I am so sick of being sick or having my family sick.  No matter how much I clean my house and make sure that things are taken care of they still get sick.  I realize that most of the germs that we get are from going to school, church, MOPS, the pool, the park, the grocery store... the list could go on and on.  I wish there was some way to make it so that my family does not have to ever get sick!  But I guess I would be in the same boat with just about every other mom.
Michael has been working like a crazy lately.  I feel so bad for him, because not only is he working long hours but he too has been battling the crud.  I know that once the weather changes that he will be home more.  I think there is a part of him that can't wait for some snow so that he can take it easy a little.
As you remember a few months ago I went back and forth as to what Michael and I were supposed to do for Zeke and his schooling so that he would be able to receive speech therapy.  Now here we are three months out from our decision and I am questioning if we did the right thing.  We moved Zeke to a local public preschool where he was to receive speech therapy... I have not seen many improvements in this area.  When I ask the therapist about what we need to do at home or what is being done at the school, I feel like I am being appeased with the answer of, "He is doing fine, he is interacting well."  Interactions was not what we were concerned about... the kid will talk anyone's ear off - but him being understood is another story.  Please pray for Michael and I as we are considering moving him back to Foothills at the semester change and then trying to pay for private therapy so that the services are more purposeful and direct.
On the same note of speech therapy... Ki is doing great!  I am so impressed with him.  Ki has been receiving in home speech therapy services for four sessions now and he is making huge improvements.  He is now babbling of which he never has done before.  It is almost as if the whole world has been opened to him anew.  He is more social in his interactions, he is saying "Hi" to complete strangers of which he used to shy away from.  It is so neat to see the power of words has had on him.
As you can see I changed my background for my blog.  I loved my blue and green but decided that I needed a little change... I was getting bored with the same old.
Zeke has been talking about a dog a lot lately.  He tells be every day what his dog is going to look like and do.  I feel bad because I know how badly he wants a dog... we just can't have one in our rental.  That brings me to the even deeper desire to have our own house.  Michael says that for us to have a dog he wants to have at least three acres - to which I agree!  So our house requirements continues to grow the longer we live in our current house.  This week I had to drop off our rent check and the property manager asked me when we would be looking for a house to buy - a glance at my belly, he said, "Soon I assume!"  To which I said probably fall of next year - I hope!
So that brings me to our house requirements...
Four bedroom / Three Bath
Two Car Garage
Full, Open, Walk-out Basement
Three + Acres
Preferably not a tri-level house... I am not a fan of all the stairs, from a walking up and down them and a heating the house aspect.
This week I have two baby appointments... On Monday one of our friends is going to let me come into her office and get 3D ultrasound pictures taken and then on Wednesday I have my 28 week check up.  I have to say I am a little nervous about my appointment from the aspect that I have been experiencing some unsettling symptoms.  Within the last week I have had some considerable swelling in my hands and feet as well as I have had a headache that will not go away.  These are preeclampsia symptoms and since I had it with Zeke I am a little more aware of them now.  I am hoping that at my appointment they will over rule my concerns!
I think that just about covers all that I have had on my mind!  Now to spend the rest of the day picking up the house and then laying around with my boys.