Thursday, December 9, 2010

Follow-up Appointment

As I had mentioned last night I would be returning to the hospital today for my follow-up appointment at which I would receive another two shots, blood work, fetal monitoring and blood pressure check.  I checked into the hospital at 2:20 and got everything taken care of really quickly.  Being that I am who I am all my labs are done stat!  So my blood pressure was actually down among the normally acceptable range (138/88).  Baby number three sounded great, heart beats were regular and steady.  Only had two contractions in the two hours of being hooked to the machine.  Got my two shots in my hinney and took them like a pro, however my left check is a little sore!  Got my blood drawn and didn't cry or faint!  The only problem arose when my 24 urine collection results came back.  I was getting ready to walk out of the room, the nurse had given me my discharge papers and then told me to go sit back down.  A call was made to my doctor.  Here I was again in limbo - I was heading home and now told to sit back down!  Apparently the threshold for protein in urine through the dip stick and actual lab results is different.  I was told yesterday that if my protein level rose to +2 that delivery would be immediate.  Now with the lab results I guess the protein threshold is 300 and I am 260 - close but not there yet.  My doctor said that I could go home.  So now I am home and my appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday and I guess I will know more then!  Each day is better and each week is awesome!