Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Title Fits... Never Dull

Where to begin???  Yesterday morning I went down to the basement to get some laundry and as I was coming up the stairs I looked at my water heater and saw something that just wasn't right.  Not that examining my water heater is a normal task of mine, but a smell drew me to look down.  To my surprise I saw toilet paper in the water heater tray... not the usual place for toilet paper and murky water.  I called Michael down from his office and he confirmed what I thought... sewer water.  A call to our property managers informed them of the problem.  A call to a plumber was made by them.  At 1:30 yesterday afternoon the plumber showed up, spent two hours snaking the lines and then left with not much of a word to us.  Not ten minutes after he left I get a call from our property manager asking if 8:30 worked for me for a camera.  I had no idea what he was talking about and agreed. 
This morning began a "Never Dull" moment that seems to often come to our family!  A plumber came with a camera to view all the lines to find out that all the settling that has been happening in our house has caused the foundation to fall on our outgoing sewer line.  After a few phone calls, hand shakes, and passing along of information... our house was going to be come a construction zone.  The remedy is to dig a hole in the front yard to be able to get to the depth of the break from the outside.  Support the house foundation with jacks.  Drill a ten inch hole in the foundation.  Replace ten feet of sewer line feeding it through the ten inch hole to make sure that this problem never happens again.
So after nap time today our house became a place for boys.  Zeke and Ki perched themselves in front of our bay windows and watched as the backhoe did it's magic.  Those two boys sat there for a good almost two hours (free entertainment) and watched as a crew dug down to the basement level. 

The crew that was here today for four hours left... a huge hole in the front yard and will be back tomorrow morning.  The work to be done tomorrow will be the stuff that is all inside the house in the basement. 
While the agreements were taking place this morning between the plumber, our property manager and our landlord in regards to the work needing to be done our landlord was talking with me.  It looks like for our troubles of having to deal with this I might get new carpet in the basement and my house carpets cleaned - yeah!