Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well the best update that I think there is, is that I am still able to be home. I had an ultrasound yesterday at the hospital and baby looks great. He is having his own little pool party totally unaware of the havoc he is bringing to my body. This morning I went in for an appointment with my doctor at which my blood was drawn and should hear back on this either early evening or tomorrow morning. My blood pressure was okay for the appointment. One thing that the doctor and I discussed is the reality of having hit three hundred in the protein bracket. She said that the likely hood of me being over that bench mark is high but at this point if my other labs are okay than we will hold off and not rush in to delivery. I expressed my desire to not have to stay at the hospital again until I go in to have him and she agreed with me, saying that seemed fair and reasonable. So where it stands, is we are on a daily watch, one thing could change and cause the need to deliver, at this point I have an appointment on Thursday and again on Monday. The doctor said that at this point she is not going to plan any further out than that. So basically the prayers are working... Baby is still baking and I am at home resting with my family.