Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The state of limbo

That is where I currently sit, is the state of limbo. If one or more of the things on the scale changes then we will be in go mode. My blood pressure is behaving with the bed rest that I have been placed on, if it does change and reach 150/100 then we are go. My protien levels are 297 and the cut off is 300, splitting hairs it might be, but those three points might be the difference between a day or so more of baking which each day is better for baby. No blood will be drawn today, but tomorrow morning labs will be drawn, if there's a change for the worse in those then we are go. Although an end date or time would be beneficial like I said this morning each lab result is the line between baby baking or baby coming. As information becomes known by me and Michael I will be sure to pass it on.