Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thurday Dec. 16th Update

Here it is now Thursday morning in the wee hours and my mind is running...
I was informed that as of Monday, December 13 - Swedish Hospital will be my home for the coming weeks.  I have been put on strict bed rest with daily observation on baby number three.  Today, Thursday, December 16th I am currently 29 weeks pregnant.  Unless something drastic changes in my health or baby's health before January 6th I will be "resting" here.  My doctor has said that 32 weeks is our current goal for gestation and baring any major health changes we are set.
Please pray for my sanity!  Sitting in one place, indoors for the next three weeks is feeling like an insurmountable task. As of yesterday morning around 7am I was starting to go stir crazy so I found myself sitting in the rocking chair for a change of scenery!  Last night I was informed that sitting in the rocking chair is no longer allowed... laying on my back or side is the extent of my approved movements (and getting up to go to the bathroom).
Pray for our family during the Christmas season... we have decided that we will skip Christmas being that our boys are still young enough to maybe let it slide.  I think my husband is having a hard time swallowing not having me home for Christmas (which is something I have only begun to think about!).
Pray for this little one... (no name chosen yet).  Pray that the next three weeks of baking does him a lot of good and that his body can handle what lay ahead for him in the next month or two!  Last night I got a chance to tour the NICU which helped to elevate some of my stresses but the next three months will be a rough road for our little family.
Thank you for your prayers and concerns!