Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News - well sorta

Well my hope last week was that I would be sending you a post informing you that my doctor's appointment went well and that everything was peachy keen!  Sunday thing started to take a turn for me - I got a headache that was really painful and was experiencing some considerable Braxton Hick's contractions.  Monday morning the pain just didn't seem to subside.  I took Zeke to his OT appointment in the morning and then on our way home started feeling more and more sick from the headache.  We stopped at the park so the boys could run - my thought was have them burn some energy and we will all lay down for a nap that afternoon.  Run they did as well as feed the ducks.  We got home and I fixed them lunch and then started monitoring my blood pressure and laying on my left side.  After about two hours of high bps I called my doctor.  I was seen in the office and then sent to the hospital where I currently am sitting!

I checked into the hospital yesterday afternoon around three and was given some percocet to try and help with the headache.  I was put on IVs for fluids and had blood drawn.  Yesterday was a very long day of battling the worst headache I have ever had and after another IV medicine I found some relieve around ten last night.  The doctor had a CT scan run on my head to make sure there was nothing funky going on and this morning at seven she informed me that the CT was clear.

The talk this morning with my doctor at seven was that I would finish my 24 hour stay today and would be on my way home with some meds for the headache.  She had a call into a neurologist to see what headache meds would be appropriate for the situation... pregnant and high blood pressure.  She told me that I would hear from her this afternoon after my results from the 24 hour urnine collection, upon discharge.

This is where things begin to change... I went to see the perinatal doctor (high risk) and have another ultrasound to check on baby, placenta and fluids.  While in the ultrasound the good news was that baby is putting on some fat, he had three little fat rolls on his tummy and one at the base of his neck!  My fluids were down a little from last week (Wednesday) and the blood flow to him was spotty.  The amount of flow ranged from normal to slightly restricted, meaning that out of the few readings there were some were the blood flow paused between his heart and the placenta.  The cause of this is partially due to my higher blood pressure.  The recommendation from the perinatologist is that I remain in the hospital for another 24 hour watch, more labs be drawn and evaluate from the labs drawn upon my admittance yesterday.  My levels of red blood, my liver counts were both slightly elevated from last Wednesday.

So that is where your prayers come in!  Please be praying for my body, for the baby, for our family and whatever lies ahead for the five of us in the coming days and weeks!