Friday, December 31, 2010

Roller Coaster

Think of Goliath at Magic Mountain... Do you have that image? Yep, pretty much been riding that for the last few days. My last post was that I was home and labs were being waited for, Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I woke up and had some very high blood pressure readings, which had me call my doctor she said that I was to head directly to the hospital. Upon my arrival a headache started to form in my right eye, which came on abruptly and became overwhelming. Another twenty four hour urine was started at noon to check for my protein levels. That night my doctor and I discussed that if the protein did indeed come back over the previously discussed benchmark that delivery would most likely take place. One o'clock on Thursday, marking the end of my urine collection and thirty one weeks gestation - my doctor made the call that we would process with an induction and early delivery. At six o'clock last night I was moved from one room to another and was given a cervix dilating pill. The pill placement would take place every four hours. After the first pill I began contracting every ten to fifteen minutes. After the second pill the intensity grew and the time variation was lessened to every ten to five minutes. At seven o'clock in the morning this morning, contraction were coming every two to ten minutes. My cervix went from long and closed to soft and thin, but no opening. At eleven this morning a doctor from another clinic, not in my doctor's practice comes into my room and threw a wrench like no other... Put a hold on everything. Well the truth is, he put a hold on induction but not the fact that I was on three IV drip bags, a catheter, or the continual contractions. He explained that he would like to hold all proceedings with the induction until he could more closely look at my chart and order some new labs. He informed Michael and I that he would need a few hours and that he would get back to us. Meanwhile, I am still in the same state I was in at seven in the morning, contractions and all. The hours start rolling on... Nothing. No phone call, no response, no change... Frustration and emotions begin escalating. At four in the afternoon the nurse comes in to my room and informs me that the doctor is really busy and just told her to undo my IV and he will get back with us when he can. By this time, my exhaustion catches up with my frustration and emotions and the water works begin. After trying to hash things out with the nurses and trying to get some answers the conclusion that no answers will be gotten without the doctor, we are left. Michael left to pick up our boys that were being watched by our friends for now twenty four hours and here I sit, mind you water works are still flowing and contractions are still coming. The poor night nurse is walking into my room asking what she can do and I simply ask for some ice chips. Ice chips will make it all better right? So now I sit here munching on ice chips, hunching over every few minutes to wait out a contraction, wondering what else is going to come my way. My poor husband feeling the same frustrations as me, simply said as he was leaving..."Come March we will have a baby." yes, that is true, this baby is going to come out some time, the condition of my body and mental standing is what is in question. Back to the night nurse, she seeing the obvious emotional status of me says that she will put a call in to get the catheter removed, see about getting mess to stop the contractions and even see if maybe I could just go home and wait everything out with my family.
So that is the update... Now you understand the roller coaster picture I asked you to visualize!